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Julia Louise Albrecht

1/14/1969 - 12/27/2020

A daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, an aunt, a friend, and an ALS victim. It's been exactly a year since you left us, and we miss you just as much today as ever. Our solace is that we know you are in a far better place. Love always.

Holly A. Anderson

May 19, 1955 - December 22, 2017

Darling Holly your bright spirit lives on in our hearts. "She was every bit of grace in that world." Holly Anderson from her book Sheherezade, 1988. Your own words describe you perfectly.

Noelle Marie Anderson

2/20/1993 - 1/7/1997

We see a glimpse of you in your niece, Carmen's, clear blue eyes and can feel you still walking with us. You are forever missed and forever loved. Dad, Mom, Rachel, Jadyn & Heather

Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary

Arthur & Doris

Married December 29, 1951 at a Lutheran Church, Mpls., MN. Love, Oldest Daughter

Johnny Canton

10-04-1941 - 12-31-2016

Johnny was on the following Radio Stations for a total of 53 Years, 7 Months, 15 Days... KLEX: 5/58-6/59 Lexington, MO KOKO: 6/59-8/60 Warrensburg, MO KZIX: 8/60-3/61 FortCollins, CO WNOW: 3/61-8/61 York, PA WRAW: 8/61-9/63 Reading, PA KUDL: 9/63-6/64 Kansas City, MO WHAM: 6/64-12/65 Rochester, NY WIXY: 12/65-10/66 Cleveland, OH WDGY: 11/66-03/77 TwinCities, MN WLTE: 12/77-12/11 TwinCities, MN The above picture is John's last day on the Air, December 23, 2011! Lots of Love & Hugs from his Significant Other of 34 Year! Janie

Elizabeth M. Ehlers

1/23/1938 - 12/31/2011

Elizabeth M. Ehlers 1/23/1938 - 12/31/2011 The most beautiful girl in the world. We miss you.

Butch Hanson

10-21-68 - 1-14-19

Three years ago seems like yesterday. I wish I could have helped you pull through. Thank you for all the amazing memories brother. I love and miss you every day!! Love, Jason

Linda Heath

1/12/1947 - 7/1/2005

Happy 75th Birthday! Greatly missed by your family and friends. Always in our hearts.

Dolores Marshall Hoegfeldt

January 16, 1931 - September 25, 2021

Survived by three generations of her family. We miss you every day, Mom

Clark Kaufman

12/24/33 - 3/22/05

Sixteen years have passed, yet every day something reminds me of you. I remember your laugh, your smile, your funny sense of humor, your incredible talents. I miss you now and forever. Glenda, Joyce, Teresa, Nick and Kelli