I've got at least six photos on my home computer (a cordless phone/answering amchine, an occasional chair, a planter and a bar stool for example) just waiting for me to take the time to put them on Craigslist or eBay. But it's a time sucking hassle to find my password to get in the website, research the product online for salient comments, write the copy, and research similar items to decide on a fair price.


A new store opens today in Minnetonka that takes away the hassle. You can buy and sell household items at New Uses in Minnetonka. Today, Jan. 19, is the first day that shoppers can buy. The store has been open for weeks accepting items to sell.

I went last night for a preview. The store is chock-full of household items and electronics. Well, actually, electronics is only a small part of the store, but the iPods and Nanos were well-priced. Other departments include furniture, kitchen items, small appliances, lighting, artwork, collectibles, baskets and pet supplies, including aquariums.

The same company also owns Clothes Mentor, a resale shop for women's clothing with nine Twin Cities locations that also pay cash.


The store is clean, well-organized, well-lit, and nicely displayed. If you're a fan of Clothes Mentor (women's clothing store), you'll like New Uses. Even though nearly everything is used, the stock is in excellent condition and the store smells good.


One downside: You'll get less money when you sell here than you would selling something yourself on Craigslist. New Uses has operating expenses too and they need to take a cut for selling your item.

Return policy: Seven days with a receipt and tags except for electronics, which are final sale.  

New Uses is at Ridgedale Strip Mall, 13029 Ridgedale Drive, 952-681-7744).


For more info, check out my previous article. So, anyone want to comment on their experience selling items here? Any new buyers?