Found a fly in your pizza? Underwhelmed by those mashed potatoes? Wait, those aren't mashed potatoes?

If you're a student who wants to complain - or compliment - your school lunch,, wants to hear from you.

Launched just a week ago, the New York City-based non-profit's "Fed Up" campaign is seeking to improve school lunches, citing reports that show many schools are opting out of the National School Lunch program after students balked at eating more fruits and vegetables per new federal guidelines.

Students have already submitted more than 2,000 photos of school lunches with pithy remarks like "Sicken Fingers" and "Blahquitos." There are also photos of more appetizing dishes. Blog visitors are invited to vote on the photos, either "Eat it" or "Toss it."

Minnesota high school and college students appear to be participating in the campaign. There are photos of a "tater tot slop dish" from a metro-area school and a not-so-bad looking spaghetti dish from western Minnesota.

When the new nutritional guidelines were rolled out last year, there was little resistance among most Minnesota schools. Many schools had been serving healthy lunches for years, and reported that students didn't seem to notice the change.