Still no arrests in the Saturday night shooting that injured five people, including two critically with gunshot wounds to the chest, at a restaurant and event center near Austin.

An official told the Rochester Post-Bulletin she was unsure how many people were at the club for what was described as "hip hop-rap"-type event when the violence broke out, but there were "many."
The shots were fired in the parking lot of the facility. Gang activity is not being ruled out as a possible factor in the shootings.
Law enforcement officials did not release the names of the injured, who are at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, but one of the critically injured is from Rochester and the other from Sioux Falls, S.D. The injured ranged in age from 17 to 23. The other three had non-life-threatening injuries.
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The Last Place on Earth is fighting hard to stick around despite the city of Duluth’s attempt to shut down the head shop.
In a Friday hearing, the city presented its case that the store, which sells synthetic drugs among other products, clearly fits the state’s definition of a “nuisance business”  Nathan LaCoursiere, assistant city attorney handling the case, noted that police have responded to more than 2,000 calls over the last two years because of problems at 120 E. Superior St. and that the customers of the store are disrupting nearby businesses, according to the Duluth News Tribune. That adds up to $100,000 in police time.
But Judge Shaun Floerke seemed to struggle with the injunction he was being asked to sign to , either ban sales at the store or close it until a trial would be held. The judge said he was struggling with taking action on an issue the state Legislature was unable to resolve.
You seem to be saying: “Judge, you draft something that bans everything bad,” Floerke said. “That’s tough to do from the court room.”
Here’s the Duluth News Tribune’s interesting account
Despite shaking hunds, Dylan Beach-Bittner, all of 12 years old, got a kill to remember Saturday. The Motley pre-teen bagged a 27-point buck about a half hour after settling into a tree stand with his stepdad.
The Brainerd Dispatch has a full account.
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