How to Dress Well, "What Is This Heart?" (Weird World)

Tom Krell (a k a How to Dress Well) has a voice like Justin Timberlake, a love of James Blake-like electronic simplicity, and open-ended song structure and lyrics seemingly informed by both Miguel and his study of nihilism for his philosophy doctorate at DePaul University. This mix is as remarkable as it sounds on "What Is This Heart," giving Krell an alt-R&B breakthrough as thrilling as Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange." Krell can do catchy ("Repeat Pleasure"). He can build a gorgeous mood with his fluttering falsetto ("See You Fall"), but, his greatest skill is to catch you unaware and overwhelm you with emotion as he does on "A Power."

glenn gamboa, Newsday

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Brian Setzer, Minneapolis' seldom visible guitar hero, is finally returning to the roots that made him famous with the Stray Cats. "Rockabilly Riot: All Original" is due Aug. 12. But first he's offering the single "Let's Shake." With his playful Sun Sessions rockabilly vocals, two twangy but smokin' guitar solos andhyper barrelhouse piano breaks by Kevin McKendree, Setzer knows how to shake, rattle and roll.

jon bream