The best piece of carry-on luggage to take with you on spring break (or whenever you're going) is the Tumi 22-inch (Alpha collection), said Consumer Reports in its last report. 

The only problem is that Tumi, while a great, long-lasting piece of luggage, is pricey. And it rarely goes on sale. The Alpha 20 or 22-inch carry-on, for example, is $595. But for can go to either Tumi store at the Mall of America (952-854-4767) or the Galleria in Edina (952-920-0682) and get $100 off any purchase of $400 or more now through April 3. Or you can buy it at the Tumi online store  and get the discount with the discount code INVEST. You can also get free shipping online for purchases over $150 at the site.



One Tumi employee reminded me that the 22-inch Tumi carry-on is considered too large to use as a carry-on at some airlines, so go with the 20-inch, also $595 before the discount.

The discount is not available on Tumi's budget line called T-Tech. That's no big loss though. I have seen the T Tech line at Costco. Unfortunately, I have also seen lots of the same T-Techs at two local discounters (Brand Name Deals in Fridley and Discount 70 in Columbia Heights), which usually means many were returned. I bought one with a wobbly wheel and had to return it.

If you're looking for a budget alternative, try the Delsey Helium Fusion for $90. Consumer Reports rated it as a best buy. Macy's currently has a 21-inch lite model for $90.



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