From the AP (our bold):

For almost a century, the Kansas fight song has boasted about husking corn and listening to the Cornhuskers' "wail."

Come October, the classic standard "I'm A Jayhawk" will be revised to account for Nebraska's move to the Big Ten next year and Colorado's move to the Pac-10 next year or in 2012.

It's common for college fight-song lyrics to call out a hated opponent. Harvard and Yale hammer each other in their battle cries. Navy leaves no doubt it wants to sink Army. California's Golden Bear "growls" when he "hears the tread of lowly Stanford red." Kansas, on the other hand, mentions six foes from the old Big Eight -- all but Iowa State -- and is the only school with cause to tweak its fight song after this summer's conference realignment.

Kansas is sending in "I'm A Jayhawk" for a second revision of the original written by 1912 graduate George "Dumpy" Bowles. The song caught on in 1920 and was first altered in 1958 to remove the "braves" of Haskell Indian Nations College and the "aggies" of Oklahoma A&M, the precursor to Oklahoma State.

"I'm A Jayhawk" wasn't changed when the Big Eight became the Big 12 in 1996.

Take that, Lincoln! And take that, Ames!

In case you're wondering what the song sounds like as of now (with words printed), here you go:



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