Can you get a brain freeze simply by going outside today and gulping in air? You try; I’ve no interest in proving it one way or the other. By the way, , Want a red-bean Blizzard? Green tea Mr. Misty? Dairy Queen has them - at the new Ho Chi Mihn locations.

Short links today; busy. But:

GENIUS Criterion has a new HD transfer of “City Lights,” which will probably look crisper than anything seen at the time. It’s a great movie, and the last scene is enough to bring strong men to their knees. If it’s like the last set, there’s plenty of extras - including behind-the-scenes segments that show Chaplin attempting to coax a performance out of the inexperienced actress who had to sell the film’s entire premise.

Over 340 takes. Oy. Via Coudal, which also points us to this charming collection of Instagram delights.

COOP TO REMAIN IN HELL Wanting a third season of Twin Peaks? Just stop. David Lynch says no. On the other hand . . . well, head over to Welcometotwinpeaks for the details.

JUSTICE Let’s say you’re a bored hacker - but I repeat myself - who wants to demonstrate great prowess by sneaking into someone’s account. What’s a wise choice? If you said “well, I can think of many, but my list, however exhaustive it might appear, would not include the head of a former Communist state’s spy agency,” then you’re smarter than some. Softpedia reports that they got Guccifer, who numbered Romania's top intelligence agency among his targets.

Most of Guccifer’s victims are entertainers, officials, diplomats and other high-profile individuals from the United States. The list includes members of the Bush family, comedian Steve Martin, former Air Force Secretary, George Roche, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, members of the UK’s House of Lords and many others. Romanian publication Gandul reports that Lehel was previously arrested in August 2011 for hacking the email and Facebook accounts of various public figures from Romania, including politicians, actors, football players, and singers.

Good luck, pal. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the NYT reports:

The government’s opponents said three recent actions had been intended to incite the more radical protesters and sow doubt in the minds of moderates: the passing of laws last week circumscribing the right of public assembly, the blocking of a protest march past the Parliament building on Sunday and the sending of cellphone messages on Tuesday to people standing in the vicinity of the fighting that said, “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”

That’s right: they used cellphone locations to text everyone the verdict of the trial they didn’t even know they hadn’t had. Motherboard calls it “Orwellian, and notes that it’s actually a proper use of the term. For once.

VotD Of all the places to stall your car:

Take a picture, dude!