A Wild West performer from Minneapolis is seeking world-record verification that he is the “Fastest Whip” on the planet after striking 10 items -- plastic cups, in his case -- with a bullwhip faster than any human has ever done.

Robert Dante, 60, has submitted his claim to Guinness World Records that he cracked through the lined-up 7-ounce cups in 3.87 seconds at Camp Ramblewood in northeastern Maryland on June 1. Dante has posted video of his feat at http://www.bullwhip.net/pop2.html.

If validated, Dante will have crushed the previous “Fastest Whip” record of 4.85 seconds, which was set in 2008 by Adam Winrich, a young whipper-snapper of 31 years from Fall Creek, Wis. His targets also were 7-ounce cups.

Guinness spokeswoman Sara Wilcox said that Dante’s claim has been received and that he will also need to submit video for review. A ruling will take several weeks before being issued, Wilcox added.

Dante said his first effort to break the record last week was timed by two witnesses at 4.37 seconds. But he gave it another go, he said, because his goal was to come in under 4.0 seconds.

Dante and Winrich have traded back and forth another bullwhip record: most cracks in one minute. Winrich currently owns that one with 257, edging out Dante’s 254.

Author of “Let’s Get Cracking! The How-to Book of Bullwhip Skills,” Dante sports a shock of white hair and a full-on mustache and goatee as he performs with his wife, Mary, at Wild West gatherings, burlesque shows and other events. His venues have spanned the country and ranged from a NASCAR track to a posh golf country club to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.