Title: President

Age: 32

Jason Sprenger is looking to help local tech and other companies take a strategic approach to public relations with his new firm, Game Changer Communications.

Sprenger has both corporate and agency experience in working with tech companies and insight into social media from his hobby as creator of the Sports Ace blog, which explores the intersection of sports and media.

"More than a lot of people, I've been able to do digital and social strategy and execution, as opposed to just talking about it," said Sprenger, who launched his Apple Valley-based firm in September and his blog more than seven years ago.

As a full-service public relations firm, Game Changer Communications provides media relations, brand management, internal communications and strategic communications counsel.

Sprenger's tech experience includes leading North American public relations for credit scoring firm FICO and managing communications at Xiotech, formerly of Eden Prairie and now known as X-IO and based in Colorado Springs. His PR experience includes working at Tunheim Partners, Fast Horse and Kohnstamm Communications.

On the sports side, Sprenger is a Gophers football season ticket holder and a "huge homer" for other Gophers and local pro teams. He worked as a production assistant at Fox Sports North and a sports intern at WCCO-TV while getting a journalism degree from the University of Minnesota, where he also played trumpet in the marching band.

QHow can Game Changer Communications help tech companies, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies in particular?

AThese companies are focused on two main things -- bottom-line profitability or developing the next great thing. They may not be focused on the brand, on whether the company has the right marketing strategy or the right message going to the markets they want to go to. I especially like helping them figure out how to build out PR for their organization or figure out how to do it better.

QWhy did you choose Game Changer Communications as your firm's name?

AIt implies a strategic understanding, a strategic clarity. It's about a lot more than just execution and tactics. It's about tying back to a business goal.

QWhat was it like playing in the marching band?

AIt's a lot harder than it looks, to play and march in formation. The band represents something so much greater than any one of its parts or even the sum of its parts. Representing the U at different events, even nationally, wearing the maroon and gold for four years, you felt like you were part of something that was way bigger than you were.