By John Millea

Conference issues (that means you, Lake and Classic Lake) were the big story from Thursday's meeting of the MSHSL board of directors, but other things happened. Here's a wrapup...

Girls' lacrosse/ The board approved three rule changes. 1) The clock will be stopped after goals and restarted when play resumes. 2) Instead of sudden-death overtime,  a six-minute overtime will be played. if still tied, a six-minute sudden–victory overtime period will be played. 3) If a player is removed from a game after two yellow cards, they will not have to sit out the next game. If a player or coach is ejected with a red card, they also must sit out the next game.

H1N1/ MSHSL staff member Ellen Giloy-Rajkowski gave a presentation on H1N1 flu.The MSHSL is exploring insurance options to cover lost revenue in case any state tournaments are cancelled due to an H1N1 outbreak.

Classes/ Changes in the number of classes in some sports could be dissussed at the board's next meeting in December.

Anniversary/ The Edgerton boys' basketball team won the state title in 1960, and that 50-year-old Cinderalla story will be celebrated at the boys’ state basketball tournament in March.

Travel policy/ Thirty to 35 schools have received permission to travel outside the 600-mile round-trip limit instituted recently. Those schools started making travel arrangements prior to new rule.

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