General Mills “monster” cereals  -- Count Chocula & co. – will be back in stores with a twist this year: Box art from D.C. Comics.

Golden Valley-based General Mills seasonally releases Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry cereals, timing their appearances with the run-up to Halloween. The cereals began shipping last week, and full distribution is expected by the beginning of September.

This year, artists at DC Comics – home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other superheros – depicted the namesake cereal characters. They aimed to make Count Chocula look “extra mysterious,” according to a General Mills’ blog.

The monster cereals this year also feature DC Comics-penned comic strips on the back of each box.

And now for something completely different: PizzaRev, Buffalo Wild Wings new restaurant concept, will open its second Twin Cities outlet in Edina’s Centennial Lakes shopping center. Opening day is slated for August 21.

Wild Wings, in a diversification effort, bought into Los Angeles-based PizzaRev last year. The concept is fast-casual; sort of like Chipotle with pizza.

Wild Wings opened its first franchised PizzaRev in Hopkins in May. It was the first PizzaRev outside of southern California.

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