Despite the "No Parking" signs, automated phone calls, and announcements through social media warning Minneapolis residents to move their cars when their street was to be swept, apparently not everybody got the message, or paid attention to it.

Crews began the four-week process of street sweeping on Oct. 23. During the first two weeks, the city cited 2,915 vehicles that were left on the street when the sweeper came down the block. Of those, 2,212 were towed to the city's impound lot on Colfax Av. N., said Casper Hill of the city's Communications Department.

To notify residents, the city posted a street sweeping schedule on its web site and posted temporary "No Parking" signs on each block 24 hours before the street was swept. It also made 3,500 phone calls each night to residents to be affected by the next day's cleaning, and posted announcements on Twitter and Facebook to get the word out.

Videos in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong were posted on Youtube and aired on cable channels 14 and 79.

For those who had their vehicle towed away, the cost was $138 for the tow plus $18 for each day it is stored on the lot. There also is a $6 fee for a notification letter.

Over the course of the four weeks, five crews will have picked up leaves and debris from more than1,100 miles of roads. The clean-up is on schedule and is set to be completed by Friday. Here is where you can find the schedule for the rest of the week:


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