The phone rings. A grandmother answers. She is told she’s the lucky winner of a $4 million Costa Rican lottery, but first she must pay the taxes and fees on her winnings. She attempts to cash out an investment worth $250,000.

The grandmother’s concerned financial adviser called the Minnesota Commerce Department; we contacted her bank, and the payment was stopped. Later, the client thanked us for protecting her life savings.

“Not on my watch!” was my motto as Minnesota’s commerce commissioner. As attorney general, it will be my guiding principle.

Scammers know it’s easier to defraud seniors than rob banks. The Commerce Department partnered with AARP, the Better Business Bureau, banks, credit unions and law enforcement to crack down on senior financial abuse. No seniors should lose their life savings and be forced to choose between food, rent or medicine.

Consumer protection was my first priority as Minnesota’s top consumer watchdog. We stopped scams targeting seniors, predatory lending and mortgage fraud. We put criminals and con-artists behind bars.

I am the only AG candidate ready to protect Minnesotans on Day One.

Minnesota needs a qualified, experienced attorney general. I have been a lawyer for 30 years, with courtroom and appellate experience. In my seven years as commerce commissioner, I oversaw more than 20 industries, including insurance, real estate, banking and the energy sector. I managed more than 330 employees and a $450 million budget. I also held national leadership positions to protect consumers across the country.

As commissioner, I helped steer Minnesota to a cleaner energy future, promoting solar and wind power and biofuel made from Minnesota-grown corn. I protected our state farm to farm and town to town during major floods, tornadoes, propane shortages and other moments of crisis. I helped improve access to affordable health care in our state.

Under my leadership, Commerce saved consumers $1 billion over time.

As Minnesota’s attorney general, my top priorities will be consumer and senior protection, tackling the opioid crisis and fighting for affordable prescription drugs and health care. I will protect state resources and our beautiful lakes. I will work to ensure a fair economy for all, including working families, retirees and farmers. I will work to recover insurance and financial benefits and to stop financial losses.

As the father of three teenagers, I know the safety and welfare of our families are vital. My parents are seniors, and I know firsthand how hard it can be. I will shut down fraud and abuse. I will fight for access to affordable housing, health care and basic needs. I will work for you and your family every day.

It is also imperative to protect our state by cracking down on deceptive practices and unfair competition that harms consumers, workers, retirees and small businesses.

Protecting your rights is my top priority. I will stand strong to fight against unconstitutional and unlawful actions that harm you and your families. During these turbulent national political times, we need an AG to protect Minnesotans. I will also defend Minnesotans against any national actions that violate the Constitution or break the law and harm our state.

I have the most combined management and litigation experience of all the AG candidates. Being a politician is one thing; managing a team of top lawyers is another. I have the leadership and legal skills to successfully manage the Attorney General’s Office.

I have a strong passion to help people, take care of our seniors, veterans and most vulnerable, advocate for social justice and empower all individuals to achieve success and opportunity.

As the only candidate with both statewide and national leadership experience, I have a proven track record of fighting for all Minnesotans, whether they live in urban, suburban or rural communities. My electability spans the entire state and is not restricted to a single district.

Among the AG candidates, I have the best chance to win a statewide election and bring strength and unity to the DFL ticket. The stakes are high. We must win the general election.

I ask for your vote. I’m ready to protect Minnesota on Day One. Vote for Mike Rothman for attorney general in the DFL primary on Aug. 14.


Mike Rothman ran Minnesota’s Commerce Department for seven years, resigning in 2017 to run for state attorney general.

Editor’s note: Among Rothman’s opponents, Debra Hilstrom’s essay “Why I’m running to be Minnesota attorney general” was published Aug. 2 and Keith Ellison’s essay “How I’ll fight for all Minnesotans as the ‘people’s lawyer’ ” was published July 19. The Star Tribune Editorial Board has endorsed Rothman in the DFL primary (“DFL’s Rothman in crowded contest,” Aug. 7). In the Republican primary for attorney general, it has endorsed Doug Wardlow (“GOP’s Wardlow is the qualifier,” Aug. 6).