Hennepin County Board Chairman Mike Opat appears to be close to winning another year as chairman even though one colleague suggests it's time for a change at the top.

Opat needs four votes including his own to get another year as chairman.

The lobbying usually doesn't start until later in December, but Opat doesn't have any declared opponents.

Commissioners Linda Higgins and Peter McLaughlin say they will vote to give Opat another one-year term. Presumably, Opat will vote for himself so he needs only one more vote.

Commissioner Jan Callison didn't commit her vote but said she expects the "status quo" in the chair position.

Commissioner Jeff Johnson said no one has yet asked him for his vote, but he did say he wouldn't run for chairman.

Former Chairman Randy Johnson said it was "too early" to talk about the vote.

Commissioner Gail Dorfman said it's time for a change in the chair, but didn't say who should get the job.