As you know, if you care, “Mad Men” starts up Sunday. It’s a show that gets an extraordinary amount of publicity, speaks to a certain audience in an almost primal fashion, and has an appeal that seems incomprehensible to outsiders.

“Twilight” for grownups, in other words. I can’t wait - somehow I neglected to get interested in any other TV show since “Lost” quit, and now I’m down to this. When it’s done I’ll probably cancel cable. Anyway, there are a few things you can do over the lunch hour to sate your need for “Mad Men” - Jibjab has an online gizmo that lets you put your face ion a “Mad Men” character. If you don’t have a face of your own, well, paste someone else’s from the web.


If that seems silly, immerse yourself in the latest posts on which examines the details of the show with a pop-culture archeologist’s sensibility. The site has a book coming out as well. You’re welcome.


By the way, “Mad Men” isn’t entirely like “Twilight.” No Supreme Court nominee will ever be asked if they’re Team Don or Team Betty.

Is anyone Team Betty? Just curious.

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