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Continued: A conversation with comedian Common Man

  • Article by: BEN JOHNSON , Star Tribune
  • Last update: April 16, 2013 - 11:09 PM

Q: You often describe your show as the tough-love covenant. Does that attitude transfer over to your act? How would you describe your style?

A: My style is more of a novelty act. I mean, I do stand-up comedy, but people will shout out radio bits they want me to do and I’ll do them. It’s still a stand-up routine, but I don’t think I’ll be playing in Chicago anytime soon, let’s just say that.

Q: Does the ineptitude of Minnesota sports teams play into your act, or do you try to branch out a bit?

A: Oh yeah, that’s a big part of it. I basically have my act split up into three chunks. One is Minnesota sports, one is Seven Outta 10, [Common Man has long proclaimed that seven out of every 10 people on Earth are just plain stupid] and the other is raising kids. Each runs about eight to 10 minutes, and I’ll also ad-lib a bit, depending on what the crowd is like. But yeah, I’ll take some cheap shots at the local teams, oh yeah.


Q: Do Deuce and Baby Brother Peter [his children] ever make it to any shows?

A: No, my humor tends to go a little blue. I don’t work navy blue, it shades more royal blue, but it’s blue enough where I wouldn’t want the kids there.


Q: Do you have a favorite venue or a show from the past that sticks out?

A: I like the last one I just did at a guy’s garage in Glencoe. He had a big double garage with two big overhead doors, like the kind that you would see at a car dealership, you know the ones that roll up? It was right in this guy’s neighborhood, and he had a stage built with lighting and he actually had a sound system because he used to do disc jockey stuff on the side. It was really kind of weird because I pull into this neighborhood and he’s got a red light outside of his house, spinning around and around like a cherry on a police car. And I come up and he’s got all of these buddies of his and ­people from around Glencoe who have come out to this guy’s garage for a party where he hired some stand-up comics.


Q: Really? That’s pretty cool. How many people did he have out there?

A: I bet about 100, 110.


Q: You have over 50 Preposterous Statement Nominations already this year. Have any favorites emerged? What is your all-time favorite preposterous statement?

A: I don’t know about this year; I haven’t looked at them close enough. Tenna B [his producer] puts all of that stuff together. For all-time, it would have to be Kevin Gorg of Fox Sports North saying that a horse loses hundreds of pounds in a two-minute race. That’s an all-time great one.


Q: When will be the first time you will hit the links this year?

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