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Fair Blog: Tractor Music

Posted by: James Lileks under Minnesota History Updated: August 27, 2013 - 12:28 PM

Machinery Hill is flat. But there’s Machinery. Every year there’s a selection of old tractors, restored to showroom condition - bright green John Deeres, an ancient Rumely Oil Pull, a couple of engines that look like steampunk R2D2s. I swear, I looked at this International Harvester logo for years before I got it:



It’s a man on a tractor.

A beautiful cream-colored Ford tractor:




Massey . . . Harris? It was Massey-Ferguson when I was a kid hanging around grandpa’s farm.




Wikipedia says it was founded by Daniel Massey in 1847, and merged with Harris in 1891. They changed their name to Massey-Ferguson in 1958:

The company shortened the name to Massey Ferguson in 1958, and tried to consolidate the two dealer networks and product lines. Its television and radio advertising featured an upbeat jingle, with a male chorus singing, "He's a get-up-early, keep-'em-rollin', Massey-Ferguson kind of a man."

Well, we have a jingle in Finnish:



The English part starts about 2:45.


This is perfect: men in suits driving tractors.



Anyway, here’s the music of the tractors. You’ll have to go to the Fair to experience the other part: the perfume of the motors.



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