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Carlos Danger takes to the sky

Posted by: James Lileks under Gripes, Technology Updated: July 25, 2013 - 12:43 PM

This is the worst promotion in the history of airlines.




Or it’s the best, depending on your perspective. You know what quality some people prize in an airline? Edgy. Well, I may have to pay for each individual peanut, and there’s a $5 “deplaning fee,” and I was charged for “wear and tear on the seat pocket” because I took out the magazine, but whoa, those ads that referenced a squirm-inducing sex scandal! Me for Spirit airlines, I’ll tell you.”


Brief linkage today; busy.

MODERN TIMES Monopoly will eliminate Jail to make it go faster. The original game was supposed to last hours, because it was the Depression, and the longer the game lasted, the more hours of your miserable life would pass.

"Hasbro's new Monopoly Empire, in which players compete to amass the most big-name brands, such as Coca-Cola  Xbox and McDonald's, can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, compared with the hours that traditional Monopoly could take," reports The Wall Street Journal's Ann Zimmerman. 

If there’s no Baltic Avenue or the Reading Railroad it’s not Monopoly. And bring back the iron. Savages.


MUSIC This headline is utterly inaccurate: “Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark are even better than you think they are.” How does he know? I’ve been a fan since the first album hit the states, and the latest - “English Eclectic” - is fantastic, particularly the long Kraftwerk-inspired opening track, “Metroland.” But I shouldn’t pick nits; it’s a fine article, and the author’s right in a general sense.


TECH This is cool, and spooky: “How Google accidentally uncovered a Chinese ring of car thieves.” By “Google” they mean “the computers.” Is this the first time artificial intelligence detected a crime without human input at all?


VIDEO Today's random act of pointless mayhem: “Please don’t cut your hand off. I’m not a nurse yet.” Well:


Warning: what happens is more or less what you expect happens.


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