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Imagine the entire metro area. Empty.

Posted by: James Lileks under Architecture, Outstate Updated: July 10, 2013 - 12:25 PM

Even the Mall of America. Plus Southdale. Here's "60 Minutes" on China’s Ghost Towns.




This subject has fascinated me for a few years. It’s obviously unsustainable. It has to pop, and it won’t be pretty. This, for example:




Not just unoccupied, but unfinished and abandoned because the developer couldn't raise more money. Now multiply times 100.

This reminded me of our own property bubble, and the aftermath. For some reason I got hooked on watching videos of foreclosed houses - one after the other a mute lament for someone’s dire fall from manorial glory. Empty rooms you can imagine filled with furniture and toys; a big staircase the parents thought would be perfect on Christmas when the kids came down and saw the gifts under the tree. Or: hideous houses that hadn’t been touched since 1972. Empty houses are like skeletons, and the best guide to the boneyard is Jim the Realtor. His YouTube channel is here - the link goes to “The Old Running-Pool Trick,” which makes perfect sense when you get to the end.

Or start here, with this 1970s time-capsule. The interior. The rugs. The wallpaper. Oh. My.


HTML! DO YOU SPEAK IT! I’m not saying BuzzFeed writers are lazy content scrapers, but take a look at this story about the Four-Year-Old Mayor of Dorset, who of course is just TOTES ADORBS YOU GUYS. Pictures from AP - credited, which is nice, but no link to the original story. Linking is hard! 

QUIZZZZMASTER Are you a Mary or a Rhoda? Really, you shouldn’t have any doubts. No one’s on the fence.

VIDEO Your dashcam video of the day:



Makes you realize that when everyone has these - and they will - then every accident will have its own soundtrack. You have no control over the soundtrack that accompanies your disaster. You can’t even put in a request.



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