In the often harsh, eyebrow-raising world of standup comedy, it can be hard to imagine the community in sincere mourning. But that’s the sentiment in the Twin Cities this week, as comedian Kate Urquhart of Eagan died Sunday of complications from cervical cancer that spread to her liver. Urquhart was 44, and was diagnosed with the disease last fall.

The comedian, who left her job in the comfort of the corporate world just a few years ago to pursue her dream of standup, became known for her genial personality and fast quips, winning fans along the way. Comedy stars such as Tammy Pescatelli, Maria Bamford and Marc Maron all spoke out to help booster fundraising efforts for the comedian. Comics and friends have turned to this memorial page to pay their respects.

"Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead, herself a Minnesota-born funny lady, tweeted her sadness over Urquhart's death this weekend, also lamenting the recent loss of Wallets frontman Steve Kramer.

A benefit was planned before Urquhart’s passing that includes a circle of local comedians, plus Duluth-raised headliner Maria Bamford. Proceeds from the show will go to pay for medical bills and support Urquhart’s partner, Barb Yau. The event will take place at the House of Comedy at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday (info here). Tickets are $20, and the evening’s lineup is as follows:

  • Maggie Faris
  • Samelia T Quioh
  • Raghav Mehta
  • Phoebe Bottoms
  • Dan Mogol
  • Mike Linden
  • Corey Adam
  • Greg Berman
  • John Russell
  • John Conroy
  • Mike Brody
  • Pat Susmilch
  • Wendy Maybury
  • Jenn Schaal
  • Maria Bamford