Lizzo according to Marc Jacobs at the Met Gala. / Nina Westervelt, New York Times

Lizzo according to Marc Jacobs at the Met Gala. / Nina Westervelt, New York Times

We really thought we were done writing about Lizzo for at least a week or two following the triumphant buildup to her album’s release last month and her long-awaited return to her former hometown Sunday night at the Palace Theatre. But then she went straight from her St. Paul show to the fashion world’s biggest event of the year, where she made a splash even among some of the top trendsetting celebs.

 “Lizzo rolled in, spun around and started happily cursing, spreading joy through expletives,” the New York Times wrote of the ex-Minneapolitan hip-hop star’s appearance on the pink carpet outside the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Monday.

Falling in alongside the likes of a four-outfitted Lady Gaga, two-headed Jared Leto, the Kardashians, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Solange Knowles, Lupita Nyong’o and her “Hustlers” movie co-star Cardi B in many fashion outlets’ coverage of the gala, Lizzo wore a pink dress by Marc Jacobs with a matching pink boa-style wrap and candy-like hair. She posed for photos solo and with fellow Jacobs wearers Char Defrancesco, Kate Moss and Rita Ora.

The Times quoted Lizzo as describing her look as “a silk dress that fits my breasts like butter.”  Vogue posted a video of Lizzo and Ora being interviewed alongside Jacobs (posted below). Asked how she feels working the room, Lizzo replied, "I feel very sexy, glamorous, expensive and beautiful."

Teen Vogue wrote of her appearance, “Looking like red carpet royalty, Lizzo topped the hair off with a bedazzled headband that featured an ornate jewel piece. The headband kept much of her hair tied up, but a few pieces hung loose around her face. She wore a similar hue of pink for her eyeshadow and her nails.”

Allure even wrote a detailed account of her preparations for the walkway, summing it up this way: “Needless to say, Lizzo's first Met Gala was a major success — so much so that we're already excited to see what she has in store for us next year.”

Lizzo herself sent out a photo of her look on her Instagram that simply offered one of the expletives cited by the Times.


HI BITCH #metgala @marcjacobs

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