When you have a cold the worst day is usually the third. There’s the day it announces itself, the day it settles in, and the day it really starts to ramp up the misery. You may have slight chills. What’s unique about a Minnesota cold is having the chills on a day when the wind-chill temp may hit 32 below. Which is great! Because you don’t even notice your own chills, if you’re outside. Well, nothing to do about it but huddle under a quilt and drink orange juice.

Speaking of which: Quartz looks at the decline in orange juice consumption, and tracks the reasons.

Trees aren’t merely dying off, they’re becoming far less productive, too. The infection is increasing the rate of fruit drop (the rate at which unripened oranges fall off trees) and decreasing the size of oranges, sometimes by so much that they aren’t even juice-able.

It’s not just disease, it’s changing habits: people don’t sit down for breakfast as much. And they’re wary of sugar. And so on. The article is called “How America Fell Out of Love With Orange Juice,” which overstates the matter just a bit. Not mentioned in the article: the profusion of juice drinks available in the non-refrigerated section. Your choices used to consist of a nasty can of grapefruit juice and V-8, and now there’s fourteen flavors of TotalRush Freshen With Antioxidants and the rest.

Some old advertising on the subject, as long as I brought it up: a 1946 ad for the yummy new canned stuff that isn’t horrible as the pre-war stuff.

. . . and this delightful innovation, which summed up the glories of 1950s fridges better than anything else. If only you didn’t have to refill it! Well, in the future they’ll pipe it in, like water.

SHOPPING Continue, the Grocery Wars Have: Hy-Vee is coming to the Twin Cities. I found this surprising, given the competition in the market today, but obviously they smell blood in the water, and think they can find a niche at the expense of the stores in the lower tier (Cub, Rainbow) and above (Lunds / Byerly’s.) There really isn’t a chain that has low prices, high quality and a reasonably upscale store interior. Also a rather relaxed idea towards their corporate image.

Then there’s this: Celebrate Having Gas.

Local stores are now on notice: top that.

WEB CULTURE Paramount shut down the Twitter account that was tweeting out a frame of Top Gun every half hour. The Daily Dot notes that the movie’s available online in illegal for, but:

As we’re all aware, Internet gimmicks that repurpose your intellectual property and cast it in a surprising light—introducing it to potential new fans in the process—are infinitely more competitive and damaging to one’s bottom line than direct piracy. Every single time. 

That’s about right. Perhaps they’re trying to keep a precedent from being set. Someone could put up a website with one frame per page, and people could print it off and make a flip book.

Also in tech: thanks for visiting this webpage! Would you like to download our App? NO. This piece elucidates. Xkcd concurs.

Every. Time. And then after you give up and download it? PLEASE RATE. 

If this day was an app I'd give it two stars out of five. The second one is due entirely to the DayQuil finally kicking in.