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Continued: A cautionary tale on concussions

  • Article by: BRADY GERVAIS
  • Last update: January 27, 2014 - 9:25 AM

There’s not a lot of data on outcomes for children and teens after multiple concussions, but this is currently being studied, Dentz said.  Prolonged recovery time and more severe symptoms occur with each subsequent concussion, but the long-term effects aren’t clear yet.

Adrianna and Michelle continued going to school, but they took a break from physical education classes, music and testing, Schlossmacher Smith said. They took naps in the nurse’s office during gym and music classes, which was what allowed them to continue going to school. At home, screen time, such as watching TV and texting friends, was limited.

“The goal is to allow the brains to rest,” Schlossmacher Smith said. “They look fine on the outside, but definitely felt the effects in different ways.”

Adrianna and Michelle, who are also varsity divers and swimmers, only returned to play in their final state basketball game this past weekend.

The family appreciates the care they received from Dentz and Walin, who kept the girls positive and accountable for their own recovery, Schlossmacher Smith said. The girls’ Roseville coaches, teammates and other families supported them, knowing the importance of a slow recovery even when it impacted the team and resulted in having to pull out of games.

“They understand the long-term consequences,” Schlossmacher Smith said.

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