It is fascinating how pro-football players like Kevin Williams are playing with pain and look for relief so they can continue their battle to win ("NFL zeroes in on one pain med," Aug. 20).

After signing in at the doctor's office, I turned to sit down when Bill (Boom-Boom) Brown, stooped over and leaning on a cane, slowly shuffled in behind me, like a large truck stuck in low gear. He was a running back for the Vikings who holds records for most games played, most consecutive games played and most games started.

He was fourth in career points scored and is tied for most rushing touchdowns. He was a gladiator who endured weekly head-on crashes, oblivious to the eventual costs in comfort. On this particular day, he was 65 and in need of a second hip replacement.

He had traded his magnificently healthy body for the fun of playing the game and the adulation of the crowded stadium. As he approached the receptionist, she asked, "Name, please"?