It started, I believe, around 1982, when a generation of self-entitled people was born. Scoreless soccer was all the rage because the smarter ones told us that hurt feelings could bring a lifetime of damage to a blossoming youth.

Because someone worked harder than them, it was somehow unfair and the harder workers must have had an advantage. They felt entitled because everyone should be equal.

They didn’t listen when taught because they assumed someone smarter would do it for them. Their time invested was wasteful and worthless. They let debt grow because they knew that if the bottom fell out, there would be a safety net to catch them.

They didn’t take care of the things they had, because they knew someone else would fix them. The generations born before will slowly die off, and with them will go countless lifetimes of knowledge, self-preservation and work ethic.

The mass of people who never bothered to put forth an effort to become productive members of society, to make themselves smarter than the people that tried so hard to teach them, will be left helpless, hungry and stupid.