Credit: Showtime

Credit: Showtime

Last week, you may recall,  we gave you the secret to writing lazy pop-culture content. If you’re writing about a singer, find a way to work the artist’s most famous song into the first sentence. And so we have a story about Chris Isaak replacing Simon Cowell:

Could "American Idol" become a Wicked Game?

See how easy that is? Now you’re in the Isaak mood. Here’s more:

Folksy rock singer Chris Isaak has met twice with Fox as the search intensifies to replace caustic "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell, the Hollywood Reporter has learned.

He would be an understated presence. Isaak is so laidback he is frequently mistaken for Perry Como's ghost after a roofie, but that’s part of his relaxed, Southern California charm. He's a great talent and not bad as an actor, either. Certainly the opposite of, oh, Bret Micheals. Speaking of which:

Rocker Bret Michaels was given the once-over and even lobbied for the job last week in a Headline News interview ("I would love to do it, I would really bring it to the table," Michaels told Joy Behar). Sources say, however, that Michaels is out of the running.

So much for that, then. Sources say they’ve also considered Harry Connick Jr., who’s like Chris Isaak after a few cups of coffee. At least they’re both known for smooth crooning. Not in the running: Stevie Nicks, which is too bad; entertainment writers everywhere could say there are  "rumours" she's being considered. Then they could knock off for the day. Can't top that. Quit when you're ahead. 

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