Despite having her own reality TV show and eight beautiful kids, America's most famous mom, Kate Gosselin, has been left 'sad and lonely' with no real friends that she can confide in.


That's the heartbreaking conclusion of someone close to the celebrity mother who spoke out to in an exclusive interview.

No, “heartbreaking” is what the kids have gone through. Feeling alone because you gave the planet a full and honest accounting of your actual personality on TV is not heartbreaking. The article goes on:

When she's not looking after her kids or filming Kate Plus 8, the perfectionist mom-of-eight is regularly photographed going to the nail spa, popping into the tanning salon or even traveling to New York, where she is known to get her hair done.

Yes, New York, land of salons! The phrase “where she is known to get her hair done” makes it sound like some sort of insider secret, doesn’t it? Don’t you feel like you’re part of the In Crowd now? But this takes a toll:

What's more, she has a dedicated routine routine of going on grueling jogs to relieve stress and keep herself in tip-top condition.


"Even her kids have noticed that their mom is sometimes too tired to play with them when the cameras are not rolling," the source said.

And that’s the quote that says it all. Read the whole thing, and you’ll learn that her neighbors don’t like her, either - why, people at the car wash think she’s cold. Yes, the car wash. Usually I wouldn’t be concerned what people at the car wash think of me, because any conclusions they draw are based on the sight of a guy sitting in a car while pink and blue foam gets sprayed on the hood, and there’s not a lot you can draw from that. It would probably be different if I strode out of the car, threw the keys in the air with the expectation someone would catch them, then yelled at the detailing guys because the polishing cloths weren’t 800-count Turkish cotton. Not saying she does that, but in a nationwide survey that asked people who in the history of mankind was most likely to do that out of baseless sense of entitlement and uniqueness, she would probably occupy the top five results.

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