Former KFAN talk-show host Jeff Dubay talked to Chad Hartman of WCCO-AM radio Wednesday afternoon and called the first time he did cocaine one of the "loneliest, darkest places in my life."

According to a story about the interview on the WCCO website, Dubay said that "he was hanging out with people he shouldn’t have been and was in an area, he didn’t belong. Dubay said he was so naive that when someone put cocaine on the table — and called it 'rock' — he didn’t know what it was. He said he turned to cocaine to help him escape 'I walked through a door I should never, ever, ever have walked through,' he said."

Dubay had worked with KFAN's Paul Allen for about 10 years before his addiction led to his firing. After failing drug tests and violating the rules of his probation more than once, Dubay says he has been sober since last year.

"Things were too good for me," Dubay told Hartman. "Things were so good and so easy for so long that I was so ill-prepared for personal tragedy. I'll spare the details, but I wound up going through a divorce ... that was particularly difficult."

His first arrest came in October 2008, after which Dubay was placed in a year-long diversion program, but dropped out. in May 2010, Dubay declined to take a court-mandated drug test and acknowledged that he had used cocaine again, an admission that led to him serving almost three months in the Ramsey County workhouse.

You can read the WCCO story here and listen to the interview with Hartman here.





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