‘The Time Is’

This is Jennifer Ilse’s first full-length solo show with Off-Leash Area, the contemporary performance company where she serves as co-artistic director. In addition to her contributions as choreographer and creator, Ilse has often performed with the company, perfecting a compellingly understated stage presence over 25-plus productions. The multitalented artist takes the limelight on the cusp of turning 50, delving into gender, personal struggles and desires — not to mention this fraught moment in history. “The Time Is” also includes a live sound performance by composer Craig Harris as well as projected animation by Ilse’s husband and co-artistic director, Paul Herwig. (8 p.m. Fri.-Sun., the Off-Leash Art Box, 4200 E 54th St., Mpls, $10-$25, 612-724-7372, offleasharea.org.)