We're still a good four weeks from what should be the starting point for discussing the possibility of a Packers' perfect season. But, hey, there's a blog to feed and, besides, who can wait a month for anything these days?

The Packers are 8-0, the only undefeated team in the league, which we'll guess you already knew. That means in order to join the 1972 Dolphins as the only team to go through an entire season and post-season undefeated, the Packers need to win 11 more straight.

Eleven. As great as the Packers are playing right now, let's just say the odds of them winning 11 more games consecutively falls somewhere around the chances of Kim and Kris patching things up, moving to Ely, telling the media "Please, please don't take my picture anymore" and then living happily ever after.

The combined record of the Packers' eight remaining regular-season opponents is 38-27 (.585). That includes the Lions (6-2) twice.

The Vikings (2-6) are the only current sub-.500 team on the Packers' remaining schedule. The Buccaneers and Chiefs are 4-4.

So here's the remaining schedule:

Vikings (2-6), Bucs (4-4), at Lions (6-2), at Giants (6-2), Raiders (5-4), at Chiefs (4-4), Bears (5-3), Lions (6-2).

Logic would suggest that if the Packers were to lose, it would come during the back-to-back road stretch at Detroit and New York. The Giants are built to make life miserable for quarterbacks, so that's probably the most likely hiccup.

Then again, this is the NFL, where logic doesn't reside. The Packers could just as easily stub their high-scoring toe at Kansas City or even at home on a Monday night to a certain team that's trailing them by six games.

"Every team is beatable," Vikings defense end Jared Allen said. "There's a reason only one team has ever gone undefeated. It's hard to do. We got to go up there and give them their first loss and get after it."

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