Just for kicks the other day, we took a look back at the 2008-09 Wolves roster. We wanted to look at the players dispatched to see how they're doing now. Here are the guys still playing and contributing for the Wolves:

Corey Brewer, Brian Cardinal, Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Kevin Love.

And here are all the guys who are gone, as well as their production so far this year:

Calvin Booth: Currently an NBA free agent.

Bobby Brown: Decent run and production early in the season for the Hornets, but he hasn't played since Dec. 1 and we can't find any reason other than DNP-CD.

Rodney Carney: 3.8 ppg in about 13 mpg in sporadic playing time for Philly.

Jason Collins: 4 points total in 26 minutes total for Atlanta.

Randy Foye: 6.8 ppg, 16.8 mpg mainly off the bench for Washington. Has played more than 16 minutes in a game only once in his past 14.

Mark Madsen: Not currently playing in the NBA.

Rashad McCants: Not currently playing in the NBA (but Tweeting about once ever 4.2 seconds).

Mike Miller: Has played 9 games for the Wizards, for whom he is tied for 10th (on the team) in field goal attempts per 36 minutes with 4.3. He's been out for close to a month with a calf injury.

Kevin Ollie: Playing functional backup minutes for the OKC Thunder.

Craig Smith: 6.1 ppg in 14.1 mpg off the bench for the Clippers. Less production and PT than last year here.

Sebastian Telfair: 5.2 ppg in 15.6 mpg off the bench for the Clippers. Less production and PT than last year here.

Shelden Williams: Playing pretty decent role player minutes (4.4 ppg, 13.7 mpg) off the bench for the Celtics.


Translation: As much as the Wolves have struggled this year, and as much as some of the replacements for the above players might not be upgrades as much as stand-ins, by and large it seems as though a lot of dead weight was swept out fairly efficiently.

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