If we were basil or tomato plants, we'd think it was just right.


I just came back from an extended, unexpected trip out of town, and was worried how the garden would have fared in the heat. I didn't need the rain gauge or the nearly full rain barrel to tell me there had been a torrential downpour; rivulets of bark mulch in odd places showed the path of gushing water. But the garden seems to have loved the combined heat, rain and humidity, because it's pretty much a riot of blooms and jungle of vining vegetables I need to thread onto their supports.

The basil had to be voted most improved, recovering from its spindly stages in the cooler spring, and now a mass in dire need of topping. I'll lop off those blooms and start restocking the freezer with batches of pesto, but I really wish the tomatoes would ripen because I could so go for a homegrown caprese salad or bruschetta topping about now.

What's your favorite way to use up surplus basil? (Like there can ever be too much.)

Too bad the weeds also like this weather. I've got a fairy forest of the usual suspects to tackle.