Two years ago, the Y.N.RichKids gave us one of the best jams of the summer, “Hot Cheetos & Takis,” a huge YouTube hit about the joys of crunching that gave a bunch of preteen rappers from Minneapolis’ Northside a taste of international fame. That same group – but with mostly new participants – has offered up a new single that could be a prime candidate for more viral fame this summer, thanks in part to another highly entertaining video (posted below).

Titled “The Business” and stressing the benefits of hard work, the song is the product of the Beats & Rhymes program at the North Community YMCA’s Youth & Teen Enrichment Center (where the “Y.N.Rich” moniker comes from). The single and video feature only one of the stars of the “Hot Cheetos” lineup, Dame Jones, who kicks things off here just as he did the hit – but looks like a bona-fide rap star here in a Jay-Z-like white suit. He filmed the high-roller (and later high-flying) video opposite a few adult Minnesota rap stars, including Ant of Atmosphere and members of Grrrl Prty.

The biggest star of the clip, however, might be 7-year-old Amijae, who nearly steals the show about halfway through the video as he attacks such lines as, “If mama says do it, then I’m gonna do it / I clean my room like there ain’t nothing to it.” Really, though, all the young rappers shine here, including another killer female MC, Lauren Hill, who voices the hook, “Don’t worry if I write my rhymes / I do my homework / I do my homework.” The kids certainly did their homework on the music front.

Most of the other kids from the “Hot Cheetos” era of Y.N. RichKids split off and formed a new group, simply called the KIDS, after a dispute with Beats & Rhymes organizers over money made off the hit single.

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