Hot Air: Think You Know Your Winds?

Barber -
 a strong wind carrying damp snow or sleet and spray that freezes upon contact with objects, especially the beard and hair.

Boreas - an ancient Greek name for north winds.  (Also borras)  The term may originally have meant "wind from the mountains" and thus the present term BORA. (Glossary of Meteorology)

Bull's Eye Squall - a squall forming in fair weather.
Chinook - a type of foehn wind. Refers to the warm down slope wind in the Rocky Mountains that may occur after an intense cold spell when the temperature could rise by 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes. Also known as the Snow Eater. (Weather Channel Glossary)
Contrastes - winds a short distance apart blowing from opposite quadrants.
Cyclone -  a severe tropical storm
Diablo - Northern California version of Santa Ana winds. These winds occur below canyons in the East Bay hills (Diablo range) and in extreme cases can exceed 60 mph. They develop due to high pressure over Nevada and lower pressure along the central California coast. (NWS San Francisco Glossary)
Euros - the Greek name for the rainy, stormy southeast wind.
Foehn - a warm dry wind on the lee side of a mountain range, whose temperature is increased as the wind descends down the slope.
Hurricane -  a severe tropical storm
Knik Wind - a strong southeast wind in the vicinity of Palmer, Alaska, most frequent in the winter.
Maestro - a northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer.
Maria -  a fictional wind.
Nor'easter - a northeast wind, particularly a strong wind or gale.
Nor'wester - this is a very warm wind which can blow for days on end.
Norther - a cold strong northerly wind in the Southern Plains of the United States, especially in Texas, which results in a drastic drop in air temperatures.  Also called a Blue Norther.  (Glossary of Weather and Climate)
Santa Ana - a strong, hot, dry wind blowing out into San Pedro Channel from the southern California desert through Santa Ana Pass.
Squamish - a strong and often violent wind occurring in many of the fjords of British Columbia.

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