Well, that was fast! Just a few years ago, the fancy home theater was a must-have.

Every high-end Parade home had one, complete with a huge projection screen, plush seating with cupholders and dramatic mood lighting.  

Now, it seems, the home theater is already a bygone fad, like poodle perms and "Flashdance" legwarmers.

We still like our home entertainment and electronics. But with flat-screen TVs all over the house and gadgets that move with us from room to room, we're more likely to want a charging station for our devices than a whole room outfitted for viewing.

The decline of the recently red-hot media room emerged from a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (www.nahb.org).  Today's homebuyers are practical and value-oriented, according to an article analyzing the data, by Steve Kerch (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kiss-these-10-once-popular-home-features-goodbye.html)


Other once-popular features that are now on the wane include:  


 1. Outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces

2. Sunrooms

3. Two-story family rooms

4. Two-story foyers.

5. Master-planned developments.

6. Luxury master bathrooms

7. Formal living rooms

8. Whirlpool tubs


What about you? Which of these home features do you already have? Do you enjoy them? Would you buy or build them again?