There's a Minnesota miracle taking place on my deck. On Tuesday night, when I went to water my patio pots, I spotted a small green oval, about the size of a grape on one of my tomato plants. It couldn't possibly be a tomato this early. In Minnesota? But it was.


What the heck? This was May 25, before the official date for even PLANTING tomatoes, much less seeing them emerge.

Last night I checked again. Three more tiny tomatoes!

Normally, I'm no early girl when it comes to putting my tomato plants in the dirt. Sometimes I get around to it during the first week of June, sometimes even a few days later. And I don't keep records, but I'm almost certain I've never, ever seen tiny green tomatoes before mid-to-late June.

I didn't do anything special with soil or fertilizer to bring on this miracle. In fact, I just plunked a nursery-bought plant into a pot with last year's dirt still in it. (Although I did mix my own soil last year, with lots of compost.)

I can only chalk it up to our wacky weather. Must have been those two steamy days, early in the week, that made Minnesota feel like a tropical rainforest.

What's going on in your garden? Any tomato sightings yet? And are your plants WAY ahead of schedule?