The details here are not for the squeamish. From the London (Ont.) Free Press:

A hockey linesman was recovering — his condition unknown — after his throat was slashed by a player’s skate as he tried to break up a fight. [Kevin] Brown was rushed to Woodstock General Hospital, leaving behind several pools of blood on the Southwood Arena. The game was suspended with 11:22 remaining. Woodstock Renegades’ Craig Thomson had just scored to tie the game 4-4 and, during the ensuing celebration, got into a fight with New Hamburg’s Reid Oliver behind the Firebirds net. The two traded punches along the boards as Brown and Byers watched. Thomson threw Oliver to the ice, propelling Oliver’s right leg through the air like a cartwheel and slicing Brown’s throat beneath the chinstrap on the right side of his face. Brown, at first oblivious to the injury, tried to break up the fight as blood spurted from a severed artery and pooled at his skates.

We can only hope this somehow ends well.

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