Twins beat writer La Velle E. Neal III took your questions during a live chat Wednesday. Here are the highlights:

Q When do we give up on Hicks? At this point, last season didn't look like the anomaly that some predicted.

A How can you give up on Hicks? There's too much talent there to give up on. He is taking his lumps right now and needs to find some fire, but he has 388 career plate appearances. It's a bad start, but the Twins will let this play out.

Q Why isn't there any talk of Danny Santana getting a shot at the big league job at short?

A First of all, he's batting .237 at Rochester. Secondly, he NEEDS work defensively. I watched him make great plays in spring training, then there was a stretch where I watched him make mistakes in three straight games. And he's got an issue with not catching throws when someone is approaching.

Q I thought Mauer was supposed to hit .320 without the physical grind of catching?

A It's April, but it's been interesting to see Mauer's strikeouts pile up. ... He thinks it's just a phase.

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