Everybody knows dropping a smartphone is a bad idea. But putting it in your pants pocket? Sounds like that's no good either if you're toting a new iPhone 6 Plus.

Reports of bent iPhones have been popping up in online forums and on social media since the debut of the  large phone/phablet. The hashtag? #BendGate. Pants pockets (skinny jeans?) seem to be getting most of the blame. Also, aluminum, the relatively soft metal used for the iPhone's body.

And then there are the YouTube videos from Unbox Therapy. The first one shows an iPhone 6 Plus under pressure, then next a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Wired magazine weighed in with "Duh: Of Course the iPhone 6 Plus Can Bend in Your Pocket" suggesting that sitting on or trying to bend any phone is not a great idea. The Daily Dot writes that "On Twitter, the story became a fight between those concerned about Bendgate and those dismissing it as a First World Problem that was easy to avoid."  On Mashable, Lance Ulanoff writes that "The Apple iPhone 6 Plus 'BendGate Is Already Out of Control."

For what it's worth, Apple not yet issued a response.

Update: Apple responded to the #Bendgate controversy on Thursday, saying that it had just nine complaints about iPhone 6 Plus bending over the first six days of sale. Business Insider has details, including a statement from Apple.

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