Alisha Perkins, wife of Twins closer Glen, has written in this space before. Sometimes she writes about peeing her pants during a race. This time, she has a nice message about running and the Fifteen's 5K, which she is instrumental in organizing. The second running of the event was last Sunday. Take it away, Alisha:


“I never thought I would enjoy running ... so thanks for that.”

That’s what my brother in law said to me after running the 2nd annual Fifteens 5K on Sunday. For me, that is one of the biggest reasons that we do this race: I am hoping to change lives for the better. Sure, the race is for an amazing cause (the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) and has some great perks like finishing on the field at Target field and getting your medal from a Minnesota Twins player, but I hope above all people learn to love to run.

When I came up with the idea of the race (on a run no less) the main thing I hoped to accomplish from it was to inspire people to get moving ... get out there ... just try it,  in hopes that it became a way of life. I would look around and see so many people whose lives had become sedentary and it would break my heart. I wanted to give them a reason to be active again -- something to look forward to and I feel like we accomplished it with this race.

I know starting to run can be so scary. You think: "I won’t do it right" or "I can’t go that far" or "I’ll look dumb." I wanted to encourage people to push past all those negative thoughts and just get out there because that is all that matters, and that is how we all started. I could not have been more proud of all the people I cheered across the finish line. You could tell for some this was a struggle, for some it was a first time. And I am hoping it was fun enough to not make it the last time.

It was incredible because I started the blog, the race, and went out one the field to encourage you all and instead I was the one who was inspired by each of you! And listen, I get it. I used to hate to run, too, but somewhere along the way it changed me. It became a part of who I am and kept me sane -- and keeps me healthy. Now it calls to me and pushes me And watching all of you come out to Fifteens 5K and give it your all motivates me to push harder. We felt so blessed to see you all there and we raised a lot of money for CF (total is still being calculated) and we hope you leave the experience better than you came to it.

You may have a love- hate relationship with running, but I just hope you continue to have a relationship, period!

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