As part of a running April Fools joke, Granite State Progress is calling on U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack to ditch Minnesota and run for office in New Hampshire, where his wife and sons now live.

"This campaign gives Rep. Cravaack the opportunity to live up to his word," said Zandra Rice Hawkins, director of the New Hampshire-based organization. "By running in New Hampshire, Cravaack avoids the uncomfortable quandary of running as an absentee Congressman after winning his 2010 election hurling charges of absenteeism."

Cravaack's family moved to New Hampshire last summer to be close to his wife's job in New England, where she's a pharmaceutical company executive.

"I knew when we made this decision I was going to have a five-mile target on my back," Cravaack told the Star Tribune last month. "But you know what? I've also got to take care of my family and I've got to support my wife's career."

The Cravaacks' home is in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, an area in the state's part of the state that is represented by Frank Guinta who, like Cravaack, is a freshman Republican lawmaker who ousted a Democratic incumbent in 2010.

"If Congressman Cravaack ran in New Hampshire, he could spend more time with his family and not have to release those pesky records Minnesotans are demanding to find out how much time he is actually spending in Minnesota's 8th District," Rice Hawkins said. "The only challenge for Cravaack here in New Hampshire might be convincing his New Hampshire constituents that, despite his record in Minnesota, he sides with working families, not corporate special interests."

Read here for the full Granite State Progress release.

This election year, Democrats need to recapture 25 seats to take control and Cravaack's district is one of their great. Labor leaders, liberal advocacy groups and left-leaning political action committees have already launched ads and hosted rallies targeting him, questioning his comments. As the campaign heats up, Cravaack's allies have fired back, defending his record, both in Congress and on constituent service.


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