Silly rabbits.  Or substitute a stronger adjective of your choice. This winter was brutal in many respects, from relentless cold to never-ending snow, and in my yard, that made for extra hungry rabbits.


There are usual suspect plants I know I need to protect: the blueberries in fall/winter and the coral bells, small hosta and lilies in spring. But this winter’s tall snow pile gave the hungry bunnies access to plants they don’t usually bother, like my now severely pruned rhododendron. This crop of blooms is only one of two that were high enough to escape the munching jaws. I didn't notice the damage until it was already done, since it happened during the time we were scurrying from house to garage trying to survive the bitter cold. Now I have one more plant to add to the list that need to go behind barriers each fall, although I worry that efforts to protect plants just redirect the damage.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking it’s time for another garden center run to buy more wire plant cloches, or else follow the directions at this site:

How many inroads did rabbits make in your garden? And what’s your favorite way to protect your plants?