Don't adjust your set -- the Gophers are wearing all gold tonight, with maroon helmets. It's a ... well, a striking look. First time for the gold jerseys this year. I think I prefer the all-white.
     Weather's cool but nice, and the tailgating lots were a lot more full than last Saturday. Feels like World Series weather, and I'm reminded that the Gophers were briefly worried about a conflict with a Twins' game across town tonight. Guess we were a little over-optimistic.
     Not that the Buckeyes lacked for motivation, but with Michigan State being exposed so badly in Iowa City today, the Big Ten race is wide open again. Ohio State can move back into a tie for first with a victory. Meanwhile, the Gophers will face a Spartans' squad looking to bounce back next week in East Lansing. And that Illinois game in two weeks -- after the Illini's destruction of Purdue today, that looks a little more challenging than it did a few days ago, doesn't it?

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