U of Minnesota photo

U of Minnesota photo

     As the Gophers prepare to reveal their new Nike-designed uniforms next month, they released photos Monday of their new helmets.

     The difference, basically: Darker and less shiny.
     The traditional "M" logo remains the same, but some of the smaller design elements are new, especially the "Ski-U-Mah" lettering along the bottom of the back of the helmets.
     The maroon color is slightly darker, and the finish of the helmet is less glossy, too, giving them a darker, more modern look, one that's accented by the black facemasks and chin straps. There's a flag decal on the back, and another "M" logo on the front, flanked by Nike's name and its swoosh. No Big Ten logo, however.
     The Gophers plan to unveil their new uniform combos in mid-January, the university said.


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