The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is singling out Minnesota Democrat Tim Walz this week with robo calls attacking him for his opposition to a balanced budget amendment.
Walz was one of 181 Democrats who opposed the measure when Republicans called it up for a vote in the U.S. House during the run-up to the debt impasse that has been shaking the markets the past few days.
Interestingly, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was one of nine Republicans who also voted no, mainly because the measure would have allowed for an increase in the debt ceiling.
It might all be history now, but the GOP clearly believes that the balanced budget amendment polls well, even if the lengthy process of changing to the U.S. Constitution offers no near-term relief from the nation's debt problems.
Walz and other Democrats who represent competitive districts around the nation can expect more of this in the future.
The Walz campaign had this comment: "Like many southern Minnesotans, Congressman Walz is frustrated with the partisan games and scare tactics. Washington Republicans are distorting the truth about Congressman Walz's record. Southern Minnesotans know Congressman Walz remains focused on creating jobs, reducing our deficit and getting our economy back on track."
As a side note, the NRCC assures Hot Dish that the calls will be initiated by live operators to comply with Minnesota’s prohibition against automatic dialing-announcing devices.

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