Share.  It’s a nice thing to do.  This morning when I came into my cubical, I found a wonderful bag of kale. 

Yesterday, I brought in zucchini and cherry tomatoes.  My little cube has turned into a farmers’ market!   

At my office, what folks can’t preserve themselves, many bring in to share with teammates.  Not only do they share the food, but the stories and recipes behind them.  And flowers are enjoyed as well.  One of my customers has a perpetual bouquet of garden flowers on her desk – zinnias, black-eyed-Susans, with dusty miller and hosta leaves as greens.  

I’ve been volunteering as a Master Gardener with Cargill for the past couple years on their Giving Garden.  So far they've donated over 1000 pounds of food to local food shelves.  If you company is interested in learning more about Corporate gardens, there is a great website available.   The group holds a Fall Corporate Gardens Summit to help your company get a jump start by learning from others.

Another excellent option for excess is to give to your local food shelves.  Fresh, good produce is accepted and enjoyed by many.

What do you do with your excess?  Do you bring it into the office or your neighbors?  Bring it to a food shelf?  Compost it?