Q My wife loves her morning cup of tea and boils the water herself. I was thinking of getting her one of those new coffee-tea makers, but then I thought of something really special.

Can you please give me some information on those beverage faucets that deliver hot water instantly? Also, what is involved, labor-wise, in having them installed?

A In the plumbing world, they are known as "hot-water dispensers" and they're still a popular addition to many kitchen sinks.

Boiling water for tea, or using a coffee-tea maker usually takes some time to heat the water. However, a hot-water dispenser delivers the "piping hot" water instantly through a small faucet mounted on the sink.

Connected to this special faucet is a small electric water heater mounted under the kitchen sink. The water stored in this small tank is kept very hot until you need it.

Hot-water dispensers are great for tea and anything "instant" such as soups, oatmeal and coffee. Remember, though, it is not a coffee maker.

For installation, a licensed plumber and electrician are usually needed, and the unit must be installed per local codes.

As you can see, by the time you're done with material and labor costs, this unit can end up being a high-end accessory to your kitchen. However, if your goal is to warm up your wife's heart, a hot-water dispenser can really do the job.

Master contractor/plumber Ed Del Grande is the author of "Ed Del Grande's House Call" and host of TV shows.