James Franco’s Oscar-host stint was widely regarded as a failure, or would have been, if he’d shown up. Now he has a new struggle: fighting back against people who criticize his Twitter feed. Hollywood Reporter says:
Wrote Cohen: "The pictures are okay in that a few are of him: candids are a Celebrity Tweeter staple. On the other hand, a lot of them -- like this one -- look like a fourteen-year-old girl with emo bangs and a Tumblr account attacked them with a few of her favorite Photoshop filters."


Cohen also wants to see more "pithy statements" and suggest Franco take a page from Kanye West's book when it comes to Twitter. (West's tweets have included "I just threw some kazoo on this bitch.")


On Tuesday, Franco tweeted out a picture of himself overlaid with the words "F--- THE YALE DAILY NEWS" in red capital letters.

Clever. He drew them with his fingertip, too. If you go to his Twitter page, you don’t exactly get an overwhelming list of obaservations or retorts; it’s all urls. Some link to this page, where he posts pictures and videos, like this one: he’s driving around in a car talking to someone, then he runs the clip through a filter that makes it look older and scratched up, because that makes it . . . look older and scratched up, I guess.

It’s not the most fascinating site, but there are no rules for twitter except A) don’t be a bot, B) don’t justt retweet other people’s stuff, especially boring people you happen to be sleeping with. So he’s giving his fans little peeks into his world. Like this:



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