Things once looked pretty good for Twins reliever Alex Burnett. He was putting together good numbers out of the bullpen and looked to be secure as a set-up guy in the bullpen. He pitched in 67 games for the Twins last season and had a 3.52 ERA in 71 2/3 innings.

But in March of this year, Toronto claimed Burnett when the Twins cut him during training camp -- defeated in his quest for a spot in the bullpen by Tyler Robertson, who was just removed fron the Twins' 40-man roster on Monday.

However, 10 days into the season, the Blue Jays knocked him off their 40-man roster to make room for a reserve outfielder. Baltimore picked up Burnett and shuttled him between the minors and majors, where he pitched twice for the Orioles before being designated for assignment last week. Then the Chicago Cubs picked him up.

Burnett lasted five days with the Cubs, who sent him to their Class AAA team at Des Moines over the weekend, according to the Twitter feed of the Cubs beat writer for the Daily Herald. He pitched in one game for Chicago.

That's four organizations and six teams -- majors and minors -- in less than 10 weeks.

Burnett is trying to be a good trouper about it all, posting this on his Twitter feed before his time with the Cubs came to an end:





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